The original is always better...or is it?


I’ve been toying with the idea of doing prints for a long time, but the artist in me has found it hard to get past the idea of the original is always best. For me it’s a bit like the movies or TV series, the first original is always better than the remake, the Japanese version of The Ring, the Danish version of The Killing all better the first time around!

But, I am acknowledging as my hubby says ‘I’m stuck in my ways’ and sometimes change is just that, change. For someone who lectures university design students to get ahead and be disruptive and innovative, I know that new is sometimes just god damn fantastic. But there are some things that I just really like the original way. And hopefully when it comes to art, the old fashioned, out dated crafts never truly die and the originals stay coveted.

So, as there have been requests for a print version of some of my pieces, I have learnt to ‘re-train’ my brain on how to use the Adobe Creative Suite, because it’s simply not good enough to scan it and print it. Trying to keep the hand crafted feel is really hard, because frankly, these programs do amazing things and it’s way too tempting to play around. I want to keep it real and authentic looking.

Maybe, just maybe, prints will evolve into something that I love as much as the original, however something tells me that I will always think the original is best. A bit like James Bond, but there is certainly room for Daniel Craig. That might be it, there is room for both but I’ll just always favor the original.

What do you think? Original or reproduction? Or both?


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