It’s a super Supergraph


All set up and ready to go. It took a lot longer than I thought this time around but we’re here and ready to go. I’ll either be passed out from exhaustion or the heat in the Royal exhibition Buildings or drunk by Sunday night. Hopefully drunk as a happy sold out skunk.


Ready to rock ‘n roll.


I’ve spent months sewing, cutting, packaging, branding ready for Melbourne Finders Keepers. I’m here and I’m set up. Six coffees in, I’m ready to rock ‘n roll. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

Is it time to laugh or cry…

Paper Chap is going to Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers market Melbourne

I am so excited and so stressed at the same time. In less than three days time I will setting up getting ready for Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne. It’s the pinnacle of markets and I have been lucky to get in but do I need some stock! For the last three weeks I have been up late every night, sewing, cutting, screen printing, making in every small moment that I can squeeze a little task in. But my list of things to do isn’t getting any smaller, if anything I keep adding to it.

The hubster has tried to help and I’m not sure if crying or laughing is appropriate as he fights off the little pieces of backing tape that every time seem to get stuck to him and the little dance that follows as he tries to get it off. Every single piece that he touches seems to get stuck to him.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, I’ve got my map, I know where I’m going, just a couple gift tags to package up, few hundred Christmas cards to package and box, tags, labels and bags to make. No complaints, it’s good, I actually enjoy sitting there with some rubbish TV on sticking labels and hole punching things, but I’m just a little worried I might still be doing this come set up time.

At this stage I’m still laughing, I might change my opinion come Thursday night if I’m still up at 3am sticking and glueing things together. But I will be all smiles come 6pm Friday night! Hopefully, fingers crossed.

Patients is a virtue


Most of the time I’m pretty patient, most of the time. Not always. When making something, I get a little excited and just want to get on with it. Like screen printing, which if you’ve never attempted to hand screen print, let’s just say it’s one of those times that a little bit (or a lot) of patients goes along way. Yesterday was my test run day for my series of prints that I about to start doing for a huge market coming up in a couple of weeks time, I had lots of different types of paper, paint, paint thinners to test out and all I wanted to do was rush through in, get it done so I could get lots and lots done.

I learnt something yesterday, patients is a virtue that I might not be blessed with. It took almost all afternoon to test a few sheets of paper out and it took that long because I got too excited and rushed it. So my lesson for when I am printing 500 prints is take my time. It just is way too much fun to go slowly sometimes. But I’m getting there

Practical Creative…

Original illustration and  hand cut paper cut

Original illustration and hand cut paper cut

The creative one’s are always the fun one’s…even if you just don’t know it at the time.
I’m one part of the endearingly named ‘mad family’ as our friends used to call us, or the Safron from Absolutely Fabulous to a lesser extreme. I grew up in a creative family, it was far from the conventional families that mainly surrounded us and at the time and all I craved was to be that ‘normal’ kind of family. But now, many years on and with kids of my own to creatively inspire that couldn’t be further from the truth. The creative one’s are always the fun ones, even if you just don’t know it at the time.

According to my Mum, I knew how to sew a button on before I could talk properly, my childhood was spent creating and crafting. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t buy a piece of clothing with the idea of turning it into something else or adding something to it. I remember sewing myself into something ‘I just whipped up’ one afternoon, to only have to cut myself out of it hours later when I couldn’t get it my arms out of it or over my head. I remember my friends finding it funny, to me this was just normal.

I had a very conservative schooling and I tried my hardest to conform, to be interested in science, sport and maths but it wasn’t really for me. Don’t get me wrong, I use maths all the time, the simple basic or ‘veggie’ maths as we used to call it. I get it, it’s not hard but also, it’s not that interesting. To me anyway. Sorry to all you mathematicians out there reading an artists blog! I tried to conform in my younger days, even in the start of my working career and now I don’t know why I tried so hard. It is in your blood. You are either creative or not, there is no need to hide from it. Just embrace it.
Today I run towards the creative world and dive in headfirst. I’ve got some catching up to do. But I’ve also got some amazing experience being a practical person, I’m aware that it is good to have a practical side. I fought it for a while, but now it’s natural, so just call me a ‘practical creative’.

Just call me a ‘Practical Creative’…

Some days I just get a little bit excited. Today is one of those days.

Today I am rambling on behalf of someone else in professional basis and other than being a little nervous it’s pretty  exciting. It’s a great little group that supports women in the creative world and today my first post has gone live.

I learnt something about myself in writing this, I am someone who is creative with all the wonderful things that go along with that title but at the same time hopefully encompassing some of the practical traits of the left brained folk among us. Coming from a creative family I am very aware that being creative and practical doesn’t always come naturally. I am labelling this as being a ‘Practical Creative’ which I think sums up pretty much who I am. And I bet, if I look hard enough there a whole heap of ‘practical creative’s’ out there…

So go on, take a trip over to the Creative Women’s Circle and have a read. And if you’re a female in the creative world then why not take a deeper look and possibly join. 



The original is always better...or is it?


I’ve been toying with the idea of doing prints for a long time, but the artist in me has found it hard to get past the idea of the original is always best. For me it’s a bit like the movies or TV series, the first original is always better than the remake, the Japanese version of The Ring, the Danish version of The Killing all better the first time around!

But, I am acknowledging as my hubby says ‘I’m stuck in my ways’ and sometimes change is just that, change. For someone who lectures university design students to get ahead and be disruptive and innovative, I know that new is sometimes just god damn fantastic. But there are some things that I just really like the original way. And hopefully when it comes to art, the old fashioned, out dated crafts never truly die and the originals stay coveted.

So, as there have been requests for a print version of some of my pieces, I have learnt to ‘re-train’ my brain on how to use the Adobe Creative Suite, because it’s simply not good enough to scan it and print it. Trying to keep the hand crafted feel is really hard, because frankly, these programs do amazing things and it’s way too tempting to play around. I want to keep it real and authentic looking.

Maybe, just maybe, prints will evolve into something that I love as much as the original, however something tells me that I will always think the original is best. A bit like James Bond, but there is certainly room for Daniel Craig. That might be it, there is room for both but I’ll just always favor the original.

What do you think? Original or reproduction? Or both?